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Care Giving with More Ease, Joy, and Meaning 

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Do you want to experience more meaningful, joyful moments?

Do you want to experience
less agitation?

Do you want your caregiving to be easier and
more fun for you and the one(s) you care for?

Are you a caregiver who struggles with stress, agitation and possible aggression?


Do you wish you could experience more joy, connection and meaning in your caregiving relationship and routines? We are here to HELP YOU!


Music and singing have been shown to improve communication so that both of you can feel more bonding and therefore decrease stress for both the care receiver and care provider.

We have put together this resource for you to start using TODAY! With no music experience needed, you can start accessing the power of music to improve the quality of life for both you and the one(s) you care for.


You probably have already noticed the positive benefits of music in your life and possibly even in your caregiving.


Come On, Let's Sing has put together a collection of songs that have been time tested to be familiar and comforting across ages, that you can start to easily use in your caregiving routines. 

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Our music resources have been tailor-made with YOU in mind.

Our resources are the result of a combined 40 years of experience with two music therapists working with people with dementia and the ones who care for them.

We have created songbooks, lyric books, audio tracks, lyric videos, and more to help you on this journey.

These music-based caregiving tools can help you navigate caregiving with even more meaning and satisfaction.

Lisa Peterson has a passion for empowering all those caring for people with memory loss to access the power of music to improve both their own lives and the one(s) they care for.


Meet Lisa Peterson

Lisa Peterson is a Nationally Board Certified and Oregon Registered Music Therapist who has been actively practicing and working with seniors with memory loss and their caregivers since 1993.


What People are Saying about these Materials

MT-BC As our population rapidly ages in the US, millions of those we love lose precious memories due to dementia. Lisa Peterson’s, Come on Let’s Sing! program uses music’s unique ability to connect us to our memories of who we are, while singing together, assures us we are not alone. The effectiveness and beauty of this program comes from Lisa’s passion driven expertise gained from 30+ years as a leading memory care music therapist. I had the honor of hiring and working with Lisa in the 1990’s. Lisa’s incredible gifts as a musician and therapist brought exceptional transformations to the clients and families within our older adult and memory care programs served by my company the Center for Music Therapy, Inc. (CFMT) in Austin, Texas. Lisa wrote her first songbook while working at CFMT. Her first songbook is still in use today by my therapists and continues to be used to transform thousands of lives within our community, year after year. Since the 1990’s music has become a daily necessity in effective care for a person living with dementia. The demand and need continues to increase for every memory care facility in the US to have access to resources like Come on Let’s Sing! 101 Timeless Songs: Music Based Caregiving Tools. By integrating Come on Let’s Sing! in daily care we give voice to each person who lives with dementia to express “I am alive, my life has meaning” and through singing together we become whole again. - Hope Young, MT-BC, founder and owner of the Center for Music Therapy, in Austin, Texas; Founder and CEO of Biomedical Music Solutions, Inc. (

Continuing Care Community “I would like to endorse Lisa Peterson for all things musical! Lisa worked for us in 2012 and 2013 as our Activity Coordinator. Lisa is professionally trained as a Registered, Board Certified Music Therapist. This training provided her with basic music skills but she has special talents and abilities in working with her accordion. This is a very versatile instrument and a favorite with members of our community. She is well versed in many of the old standards that we all love to sing along with. Lisa is also a skilled therapist and can use her music skills to help people build on their mental, physical, social and spiritual abilities. Lisa has a wonderful personality that invites everyone to participate in what she is doing. I am happy to refer her as an entertainer or a therapist.” – Todd E. Executive Director, Friendsview Retirement Community in Newberg Newberg, OR

Memory Care Day Program “I am writing to endorse Lisa Peterson as a music therapist. I am the director of the Gathering in Austin, TX , which is a respite program for people with dementia ( I met Lisa in 2001 when she started working for this group as a music therapist. In 2003 Lisa also started working for an early memory loss program that I was directing at the time… She worked for us for many years until she moved…Lisa is the most engaging and interactive music therapist that we have come into contact with. She had a gift for holding the attention of a large group at one time for an hour at a time. We usually have an average of 30 people in our program. Music is the only activity that we ever attempt to do for an hour at a time. Most therapists can hold the attention of a group for about 30 minutes maximum. With Lisa’s accordion, she was able to walk around the circle and interact with everyone individually. She used age appropriate songs that everyone just loved. She was always upbeat, energetic, and had a smile on her face…” – Deborah W. Director of the Gathering at WHPC Austin, TX

Continuing Retirement Community  “Many of our seniors have dementia, and Lisa was able to engage them by playing hymns and other music that was familiar to them from their past. Her engaging smile and warm presence created a sense of calm and acceptance. I believe it is her presence, as much as her music, which inspires joy in those to whom she relates. I highly recommend her as a music therapist.” – Brenda J., R.N., Resident Care Manager, Health Care Center, Friendsview Retirement Community Salem, OR

PhD, LPC-S, CGP One of the most amazing people I know is publishing her life’s work and I want everyone to know about it. Seeing Lisa Peterson work with the elderly changed my life. She can get people who haven’t said a word or hardly moved in a long time to sing and smash tambourines with life beaming out of their faces. I really think she can make life better for our elderly population. - Pierre Choucroun, PhD, LPC-S, CGP

Gero-Psychiatric Care "Lisa sees beyond age and ability and just engages everyone with her enthusiasm and positive approach. She is able to get the patients on the units into a group setting when no other discipline has been able to. She gets patients that usually are passive participants at best and has them beating drums and making music. It's so inspiring to the rest of us to see what potential she finds and brings out in our patients….the patients here respond to her so well" - Pam, Nurse Manager at Oregon State Hospital

Gero-Psychiatric Care I worked very closely with Lisa at the Oregon State Hospital. At the hospital the clients are very challenging, and those who are over 65 and have dementia, and other mental health needs, are often extremely challenging to get engaged in activities, and have joy, hope, and experience positive emotions. Lisa has been one of the few people who has been able to get them to gather, of their own accord, and come together to sing, dance, listen, and engage totally in music therapy. She has an enigmatic personality that attracts the listener to join her in music. She has an infectious smile, a warm heart, boundless energy, and is filled with positive vibes! Lisa spreads cheer and gives hope when all hope is lost. She can work with the person who is suffering from memory loss, is depressed, or may be walking around and around (wandering) looking for something or someone. She can bring them together to experience a time of fellowship, and bond together through music, singing, laughter. Her gift of music is given to everyone who is around.She uses music with reminiscence, physical movement & dancing, and learning. I co-led one group with her to bring a wide variety of people together whose functioning level also varied tremendously. (Dementia, severe cognitive impairment, depression and many other problems). Together we assisted the clients to play music (most had no previous musical experience) and work together to participate in a holiday season performance. it was a magical success! With her training in music and understanding of behaviors, emotions, and many challenges, she was an instrument of hope and light to the participants in her groups. All the staff loved Lisa, too, and enjoyed her company, clinical skills, and ability to get people engaged. - Linda Morgan, MA, ATR Art Therapist

Music-Assisted Caregiving Program  General Public “Print is large, clear and easy to see” “The books are BEAUTIFUL. Love the colors and art!” “Songs evoke memories and rich feelings” “Harkened to great times singing in youth groups- when that was a regular thing, in the 1950s-1970s” “These are all the songs that I would choose to sing with my friends, in my choir and with my grandchildren. This book is amazing! A real treasure that will serve many people” “This is the best looking songbook I have ever seen! I am really excited about this book!” Dan Thompson-Aue, retired Pastor and experienced songleader From Memory Care Professionals “The songbook fosters great connection between residents and staff members.” “The song selection is fabulous. There are songs that are comforting for the residents, as well as classics that are familiar to staff.” “The pictures are peaceful and fun, offering the residents a focal point to help them with relaxation” “It felt like a family was together, celebrating and singing” “I’ve never seen so much staff participation before. I’ve never seen the residents respond this way before. There were more interactions between residents and between residents and staff. This was really special. It was very different than the traditional sing-along.” Resident “It feels like home. You can keep on playing as far as I am concerned!”

"101 Timeless Songs: A Resource for Easy Songleading" is a comprehensive music package that makes sharing music with others fun and easy, regardless of your musical training and experience. If you do not play an instrument, no problem! Research has shown that when we engage in music making through listening, moving, singing, or playing along with music, especially with others, we can handle stressors more easily and experience more bonding and feelings of love and care with our music partners.

This package includes
      1) a songbook with printed music and song leading ideas and trivia for all 101 timeless songs
       2) an accompanying lyric book with all 101 songs
       3) accompanying audio tracks for all 101 songs, as well as
       4) Lyric videos for each song. With so many ways to access the power of music, this collection was curated with the caregiver in mind.

Do you ever feel like you need another set of hands? This resource was designed with you in mind! These beautiful, easy-to-use music tools offer you what you need to connect more deeply and meaningfully with yourself or with others, for the purpose of having a better day everyday! So, grab a book, find a song that you and the one(s) you care for could enjoy together, and start singing!

A special bonus is that all the songs have original artwork to accompany the lyrics and music pages. So, it is a delight for all of your senses!

Research shows that when caregivers use familiar music in their care routines, communication improves, isolation and irritation decrease, and both care giver and care receiver have more meaningful moments together.

101 Timeless Songs was created to help give care providers the confidence and the skills they need to use music everyday!


You don't need to be a trained musician in order to use music powerfully. You can just dive in, get your feet wet, hum a little, tap a little and find your way to having a better day, with the help of a song!


Buy and receive your package today and start using more music for more meaningful and joyful connections with the one(s) you care for!

For only $99 ($34.50 for the Lyric Book + $64.50 for the Leader Book),

you can have access to these curated materials developed by music therapists with an accumulated

40 years of experience working to use music to improve people's quality of life. 

What is Included in:

The 101 Timeless Songs Leader Book -makes song leading easy and fun

  1. 101 Easy to read and play "fakebook" style sheet music scores

  2. 101 Historical information, activity and discussion topic sheets to stimulate conversation and sharing

  3. Appendices that offer ahistorical contexts for the songs and the artists that have sung them over many decades b) categories of songs and when to use them c) chord charts for piano, guitar and ukulele d) charts to easily find songs by number of chord changes, key and other defining factors

  4. 101 Simply arranged, professionally recorded Audio Tracks that support your singing, making it easy to use when giving personal care 

  5. 101 Easy to use Lyric Videos that help to make a music social gathering fun and easy

What is Included in:

The 101 Timeless Songs Lyric Book -makes singing along easy and fun

  1. Large Print, beautifully illustrated, easy to read one page lyric sheets for each song

  2. Appendices that offer a) historical contexts for the songs and the artists that have sung them over many decades b) categories of songs and when to use them

  3. 101 Simply arranged, professionally recorded Audio Tracks that support your singing, making it easy to use when giving personal care (embedded with clickable links on corresponding lyric pages)

  4. 101 Easy to use Lyric Videos that help to make a music social gathering fun and easy (embedded with clickable links on corresponding lyric pages)

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