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Transform Your Caregiving With Singing

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What We Do

  • Empower caregivers, and the ones they care for, to have a better day, everyday.

  • Share research findings and experiences that show how adding singing and music into caregiving helps both the caregiver and care receiver to feel more connected and less alone.

  • Provide tools to make adding singing into your caregiving EASY!

  • Remind you that your voice has the power to offer the one(s) you care for (as well as yourself) a lifeline of trust, safety, comfort and joy.

 Give it a try.   

If you do not know where to start, let us help you.

  1. Our music resources have been tailor made with YOU in mind.

  2. Our resources are the result of a combined 40 years of experience of two music therapists working with people with dementia and the ones who care for them.

  3. We have created songbooks, lyric books, audio tracks, lyric videos and more to help you on this journey.

  4. These music-based caregiving tools can help you navigate caregiving with even more meaning and satisfaction.


We are glad that you are here and we look forward to serving you!

Ready to Change Your Life?

Adding Singing to Your Caregiving Creates a Lifeline for Both of You.

Let Us Help You Get Started!

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Who Are We
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